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[img] Acid Zn Plating Process for a Brake Caliper

Rose Consulting Engineering Limited provide engineering analysis services to a variety of industrial sectors. We have developed a strong client base in the process and manufacturing sectors and are able to offer our clients assistance and expert guidance in the following areas:

Rose Consulting Engineering Limited is the UK's only reseller/partner of Elsyca electrochemical simulation software products. Elsyca have a proven track record in providing intelligent modelling software and with the introduction of PlatingMaster to the software range, we are uniquely positioned to offer this electrochemical intelligent software to the UK marketplace.

Acknowledged experts in the modelling of electrochemical plating methods using the PlatingMaster software, Rose Consulting Engineering Limited are uniquely placed in offering clients computer simulations of the following related processes:

[img] Decorative CR Plating Process for a Rack of Wheels

Ackowledged experience in the Nuclear and Chemical industries has lead to a successful track record in:

[img] Reducing Incinerator Emissions Through the Application of CFD
  • Hazop/COMAH support.
  • INSAs (Independent Nuclear Safety Assessments).
  • Design substantiation.
  • DSRs (Design Safety Reports).
  • Expert Witness work.

To find out how Rose Consulting Engineering Limited can enhance your engineering analysis or electrochemical plating capabilities please contact us.